A selection of the best smartwatches for women 2.0. They range from smart watches... to smartwatches for men, including Celine watches, Fitbit and more

A selection of the best smartwatches for women 2.0. They range from smart watches... to smartwatches for men, including Celine watches, Fitbit and more Many people have already heard of the Fossil Sport smartwatch. It is a classic watch with an elegant design, a small display and high performance. But, there is nothing new in the smartwatch market. Today, a great selection is offered-from cheap models such as Fossil Q30, Fossil Q40 and Fossil Q60. And as for the choice of model, on the one hand, and on the other, the price, as well as the quality of the materials and design, is the greatest, although on the other hand, there are not many models of smartwatches on the market, so for the selection in this article, I invite you to our website.Read also: Apple Watch Pro 2020 review: updated and popularThe Fossil Sport smartwatch is available in several color options and by the way, for the first time, a smartwatch, the Sportwatch. This smartwatch is designed for women, and it is easy to find it in the store. Protected status GPS, heart rate sensor and water resistance are performed at an altitude of up to 20 meters.In addition, a number of sports features are available, including the ability to track steps, determining the pace of your breathing and being in the air. Because of the rugged design, the Sportwatch can be used even after removing the batteries. The battery is charged using the included USB-C cable, so there is no need to carry an external charger here. But, there are also two versions of the Sportwatch available: the standard version and the sports version. Talking about fitness features, a new watch with GPS and an alarm clock will be available to us. The right version will work in all weather conditions, but the left one is only available in a few days.The choice of the screen and displayThe Fossil Sport smartwatch uses a large screen. The display is large and impresses with its contrast and rich color rendering, although it is not as bright as the Fossil Q30. The screen can be rotated 180 degrees, and it is possible to adjust the brightness. There is also a function of automatic brightness control, which is useful for those who do not want to use the watch on the street, but do not want to waste energy on the display.You can work on the screen of Sportwatch by turning it 180 degrees. On the left side of the display, there is a stopwatch button, and on the right — a pause button. It is not easy to find the button in the case, so it is easy to find it by touch. By holding down the button, you can use the control buttons to change the volume, turn on and go back/forward, change the dial, and switch between dials.The Fossil Q40 has a stopwatch that has the function of turning on and banning. The function works just like on a watch, but you can use it to make calls. The Q40 has a simpler display, and the time is displayed even on the screen.The screen is similar to the screen of smartwatches, so the screen of the Q40 is slightly shifted to the left and the screen of the Q40 on the right. If you hold it down, the watch will start displaying the time, and it will be displayed by default.In addition to the usual dials, you can also adjust the display of the main functions: steps, calories burned, alarm clock, clock, and other functions. For example, the alarm clock can be turned off (it can be activated only after touching the screen). It is worth noting that the screen of the Q40 also has a function for displaying the weather forecast. It is good that the screen of the Q40 is brighter, and the watch keeps bright and clear weather information in the display.Smartwatch displayUnfortunately, on the new Fossil Q40, you will not see the latest time from the clock. However, here you can read the latest weather report and calculate the optimal time for your activity.The smart watch display has not only changed, but also improved. Here the display is bright and clear, and the blue color is pleasant to the eye. You can also configure your watch to display the time on a black background.Compatibility with Fossil SportThe Fossil Q40 model does not support the latest operating systems, so it is not a crucial the latest version of the Fossil OS, although its detection capabilities are still impressive.The watch will also not work with Android or iOS devices, but you can install them via the Fossil website or via a compatible smartphone. For me, this is a good and necessary update, especially since the Q40 was the first model running on